The Time That Was – 7

In those days everyone got married. Few met twenty five without a spouse.

Marriage meant an engagement party, the wedding.   Then there would likely be a baby shower, christening, birthdays, all this amid funerals, graduations, Anniversaries, New Year’s and Christmas Parties; I always had work.

Yes, the pay came in trickles, but I really didn’t need it.  I didn’t need to work so hard or often, but  I liked not being alone all the time. I liked my house filled with beautiful garments, and happy young people seeing life with pretty eyes.

Of Scallaci’s set there was one girl I particularly liked, Rose D’amato. She was a teacher. She supported her mother and unmarried sister. Rose was a plain girl,not popular because of her intellectual interests.

One I particularly disliked was Sophia Gallucci. She was too pretty, too artificial and even before she reached puberty I considered her a tramp.

She had a callous way of discarding people after using them. This told me that when she was older she’d be the kind of woman to run off with a travelling salesman.

I kept my feelings to myself of course; for dressing her was the easiest. With her perfect figure, her beauty, I could create gowns others could not wear.


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