The Time That Was – 5

The Butcher

I had rented the shop downstairs to Salvatore Scallaci, a butcher.  His family and circle of friends, make up the cast of characters of this story.

Scallaci was a popular fellow. Through him I became known to his friends and their sisters and mothers and girlfriends became my customers.  

At first things were lively as it was the ‘Roaring Twenties’.   I was so busy,  so many people coming and I was so happy and doing so well.  I kept my money in shoe boxes in my bedroom and bought a new sewing machine.

Then came the ‘Great Depression’.

The frivolous dresses were no longer ordered.   However, people were still getting married, having parties.  Most of my work  during those hard times was altering garments.

There were so many people about the same age, marrying at the same time. No one had enough money to buy a new dress, but no one could suffer the embarrassment of wearing the same thing to Angela’s wedding they wore to Anita’s.

I, with my skill of trims and clever cuts, and my knowledge of dyes, seemed a sorceress.


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Written by jaylar

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