The Time That Was – 12

Sophia  joined an organisation which entertained servicemen and she fulfilled that purpose.

‘Everyone’  knew Sophia’s entertainment was not just dancing with soldiers at a social club.

The girls talked, some of whom also belonged to that organisation, or who went to their dances to meet their Mr. Right.

The girls were certain that Sophia was  looking for someone to take her out of Brooklyn, out of her marriage.

There were reports of arguments between Sophia and Salvatore.  Apparently, Sophia didn’t return home until morning in one case, in another, Sal went to look for her and didn’t find her.

The marriage of Sophia and Sal was the major gossip point when the women came to my rooms. I said nothing, but heard everything.

I know Salvatore often slept in one of the side rooms downstairs, but said nothing.


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