The Project – 5

Tricia shut the computer, went to do some real work for real people.

Could Ollie really believe that she, his long time ex wife,  would waste brain cells on what was obviously a ‘MacGuffin’.

Tricia shook her head, tossing Ollie  and his ‘project’ out of her mind as she left the flat.  She focused on where she was going, and what she was to do.

She plunged into work, lived her life. When completed, she drove home. She stopped at the supermarket, it was almost a social occasion, for she knew so many people.

She reached home, made a meal, ate, then, over coffee, turned on her computer to check her email.

As she went down the line, reading and discarding,  she reached the email from Ollie.

She let herself remember him when.  When  he was a beautiful boy of 19.

Not as he was now,  an ugly man of 65.

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