The Project – 26

When a lay person is ‘on trial’ as it were, not having an attorney is usually fatal to their case.  

When the lay person is respectful, aware of his/her limits, and confines themselves to the most simple concepts, the possibility of success is increased.  

The lay person is virtually saying;  “I don’t know anything about the intricacies of law, but this is my side of the story.”

When lay person is  delusional  and behaves in such a manner as to announce;  “I’m not a lawyer but I know as much as you,”   means the verdict is going against him.

Knowing Ollie, the worst thing he could do was to open his mouth.  To even meet the eyes of his judges.   

Ollie had a thick layer of sneer on top of a pretension of omnipotence.   He was the kind of person others would dislike on entrance.  


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