The Project – 11

Tricia recalled that meeting, how many years ago?  Nearly forty…yes.

It was the penultimate time she had seen Ollie.  He was nothing.   He must have been no more than twenty eight, the time most men are at their most  radiant,  he was nothing.

With bone scraping honesty, Tricia would admit, she never would have dated, much less married a man who looked as Ollie did, then.

He had been so beautiful when she married him.  It was that physical beauty which allowed him to abuse and insult  her.

Yet, she had  left him when he was still beautiful.

The man who had entered her office that morning, the man she passed on the stairway, was so non-descript she didn’t see him.

Six years after leaving the magnificent Ollie,   standing before her was an absolute nothing of a man.

It was almost amusing to see his attempt to denigrate her and her office, but she kept her face straight.


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Written by jaylar

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