The Other Side of Luck – Matt (End)

Matt stood, gaping at his ex-wife Maria.  She was more beautiful than any woman in the room.  More beautiful, more graceful,

He couldn’t take his eyes from her,  deaf to Hettie, his girl friend, who stood by his side.  

The man with Maria eventually gave Matt a glare.   Considering the man with his ex-wife was taller, leaner, and  handsomer, than he was, dropped his eyes, and they fell on Hettie.

Matt  had begun an affair with Alana when his wife left him.  He made it seem that he was in love with Alana but as she lived so far away and he didn’t really have the money, he searched for someone closer to home and found Hettie.

Hettie was here, available for selfies and postings on Facebook, attending salsa and proving to Maria that she’d made a big mistake in divorcing Matt.

But looking at Maria now, looking at her with that man, he didn’t feel so triumphant.  He didn’t feel superior.

He told Hettie they should go, and left the venue.

As he drove home Matt decided he needed to find a woman more beautiful than Maria to ‘prove’ his value, and Hettie just wouldn’t do.

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