The Other Side of Luck – Connie – End

Connie had attended  college and hadn’t seen Vincent.  He had told her that was his destination and she had looked for him.  Searched, actually, to have him help her with her classes, do her projects, but he wasn’t there.

She thought of him, he was a good ‘back stop’.   Vin was the kind of puppy boy that would follow her around, be there when she needed a man , and dumped when she found someone she really wanted to be with.

During Summer Break she had seen him with his parents driving out of town.  

She didn’t see him again, but heard about him over the years.

Connie had graduated with a degree in Sociology and obtained a job in H.R. at a big company.  She met Selwyn there, and they got married.

Maybe if she hadn’t gotten so fat she’d have found someone better.   Maybe, if she had linked with Vincent she’d be with him in a tropical paradise where he studied the stars.


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Written by jaylar

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