The Lucky One [Vincent] – 6 – End

When Vincent graduated he was accepted to do a Master’s program and during the Spring break, came home.

There was some big to do and he declined to go.  The idea of getting dressed up to go to someone’s anniversary dinner was not interesting at all.

Home in the silence, he’d seen the yearbook, took it, looked at the pictures.

He chuckled to himself, at himself.

If he had gotten involved with Connie he’d never attend his college, never take astronomy.   He’d be bouncing around ‘Social Sciences’ and spending his time with Connie, going to basketball games, dances, hang outs.

He’d of graduated as a nothing to go into some job somewhere, instead of being selected to participate in a study of a particular nebulae.

He smiled, thinking how lucky he was.


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Written by jaylar

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