The Lucky One – 4

John came out of the bathroom at Grand Bahama International Airport , and booked the first flight back to Jamaica.

He  didn’t think of buying  some souvenir to ‘commemorate’  this trip.   He would never forget it.

He waited at the airport, moving around,  bits  of  the past dripping into his now, condemning him  for how he had treated his father.

Finally, he boarded the flight back to Jamaica.   It was a brief flight,  just over an hour.  When he  came through customs and left the airport, he went to the market below the hill where his father lived,  and  shopped.

Money he had gathered, earmarked to spend on his mother, he spent at the shop.

He bought a lot of stuff, and carried it up the hill to his  father’s house, entered,  put the parcels down.

No one was home, so he did a bit of cooking.

When his father came in;  “What’s this?”  the old man asked.

“Yo Dad, you want take over?”  John said a bit gruffly, although tears were filling his eyes, and he wanted to embrace his Dad.

He didn’t.  He played cool.


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Written by jaylar

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