The Grand Challenge – 8

Maybe you thought that as you raised your child according to various standards and they turned out alright, they would duplicate them.


The mother who had her child toilet trained at 9 months will meet her grandchild, who is still wearing diapers at 29 months.

The mother who had her child virtually feeding herself  from the family pot before a year passed will see her two year old grandchild being fed baby food.

You need nerves of steel not to gasp, and must ‘see nothing’ ‘hear nothing’ and ‘say nothing’ .  

If you bother to notice, to speak, you will hear;  “We don’t rush children today,”  or “He’s not ready,”  or something just as stupid.

This will, of course, cause disharmony.

So hide your smirk and talk about the weather.

What do you think?

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