The debate about who is a better CHRO

One with HR background or one from non-HR background heats up. With organizations seeking more professionals who are data-driven, have strong business acumen, love exploring new territories and have an appetite for risk. Traditional CHROs with HR background need to adopt the latest technology, sharpen their business-oriented skills to stay at the top of the game.

1 Do HR Leaders with Non-HR Background Make for Better CHROs?


The latest Infographic by Top CHRO on who is a better CHRO – Contemporary CHROs with Non-HR background or Traditional CHROs with HR background – talked about some eye-opening things about the current trend in HR leadership skills.

Interestingly the information revealed in the Infographic spells good news for leaders or managers outside HR background. However, it does put pressure on HR leaders to hone their HR leadership skills to suit the contemporary workplaces if they wish to stay on top of their game.

Featuring a survey by Harvard Business Review, the Infographic revealed that managers outside HR background make for better CHROs as compared to traditional HR leaders aspiring to become CHROs. Emphasizing on why contemporary CHROs are more successful and why the organization seeks them more, the Infographic stated four clear, crisp HR leadership qualities that they possess.

The qualities included –

  • Being focused on business results as compared to being performance oriented,
  • They see themselves in leadership positions as compared to partnering or serving other leaders
  • Contemporary CHROs embrace opportunities rather than finding ways to reduce the risks
  • With their diverse interests, modern CHROs do bring diversity to the table as compared to traditional CHROs who still might rely on HR specific HR disciplines.

It also talked about the important attributes of a modern CHRO and how if a traditional CHRO can gear up for the role by adopting and honing these attributes. The attributes being –

  • They embrace disruption
  • Contemporary CHROs practiced agility
  • They are quick to adopt the organizational changes
  • They employ data analytics to reach any decision
  • Last but not least they facilitate new work environments

The Infographic in a way has tried to settle the trending debate on who makes for a better CHROs – leaders with HR or without HR background. However, at the same time, it has tried to offer solutions for HR leaders who wish to don the role of a CHRO in an organization.


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