The Attitude – 9 – End

While the Company did its investigation, set its investigations, I did my ‘homework’.    I was able to ascertain all necessary information of how we could become citizens, how we could survive without jobs, or legally gain them.

When my vacation was up, I returned to work to put in my resignation, gain all my accrued benefits, etc. Many persons expressed their feelings about the ‘case’ and the fact I was leaving the job.

Shortly after, Geo was cleared of all charges, received a compensatory package.  He resigned, got all his benefits, and we bought a house boat.

We picked up small jobs and were able to gain citizenship of this beautiful island. 

We have lived here most of our lives, comfortable, stress free and happy.  All this due to the sick and twisted lies of a pathetic loser named Donna, who; BTW was fired when Geo was Cleared.

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