The Attitude – 8

Geo had never been angrier in his life.  Fortunately, being alone with me on a yacht far from shore, gave him time to calm down.

Later I would learn that everyone who knew him was aware that his response to Donna was as Evan described; not simply oblivious but repelling her advances.

Further, the lawyer got a private investigator to track the supposed molesting, the place, the time, and it was clear Donna was lying.  

But in this time and place, lies work as good as truth.

After getting the various phone calls, informing me of the status of the complaint against my husband,  I said to Geo;  

“Look, let’s quit the job.  We’ve got money, we can buy a place; things are so cheap here… “

“I’m not running.”

“We are not running. We are staying.  We are only leaving the job so that we never have to hear, think, see or smell Donna again.”

Geo pondered.

“Look, it is likely they’ll transfer you somewhere, transfer me, and who knows where we will end up?  Some frozen waste?  Better we …”

“Wait until my name is cleared, and then we quit.  We use our savings to buy a house boat…like those in the marina.”

“A houseboat!”  I never imagined living on a houseboat.

“WE have to get citizenship here; we have our permits, our VISAs… ”  he reasoned.

“Geo, let me check how we can become citizens.  Maybe we can take jobs… even if they are just on paper jobs…”

So there we are, about to embark on a life changing venture.


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