The Attitude -3

My husband, Geo,  looks good.  Every part of him is perfectly proportioned.  He’s always gotten eye balls, not that he notices.  

That’s the first thing one should know about Geo, he doesn’t notice how people look at him.

As Geo and I don’t work in the same section or have exactly the same hours.  It’s unlikely anyone has ever seen us together at work.

We didn’t wear jewelry.   It’s a long story, not entirely relevant.  The point is, no one would know Geo and I were married if they didn’t know us.

I highlight this point, because the way Donna was looking at him, though I only saw her from the side, was rather lustful.

Donna is one of those women with perfect features and skin.   For her to be so totally captivated by Geo kind of boosted my ego.

What do you think?

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