The Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter "L" is for LSU!

Today we hit the letter “L” in the Alphabet Photo Challenge.  I selected LSU for the letter “L.”  LSU or Louisiana State University is the flagship university for the state of Louisiana.  

Not only did I use to work at LSU, but I also took my retirement from LSU.  I worked there for 29 years and would have stayed longer but I had a stroke and decided it was time to hang it up.

LSU is home to the well known mascot, Mike the Tiger, who is a real and live Bengal tiger that lives on campus.  His habitat is a multi-million dollar estate and is gorgeous.  The LSU Tigers are very competitive in all sports, but mainly in football, baseball, basketball and gymnastics.  There have been several championships won by the football team and baseball teams.  The gymnastics team was the runner up to the national champions last year.

I’ll end this with a Geaux Tigers!  

Photo:  My own


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Written by Karen Gros

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