Surviving High School – 1

When I wrote Inside the Capsule I was focused on one of the most discordant and unhappy times of life;  High School, when you are an  “Outsider“.

In the story I focused on Margaret, an ‘every girl’.  Margaret had to leave her city  to spend one year, her last year of High School, in a new town.  She had to attend a High School infested by the ‘Mean Girls’.

Years ago, the archetypical ‘mean girl’ would have her nose busted.  In those ancient days, violence was, to some extent, encouraged.  Over time, for some reason,  ‘class queens’  moved from simply being annoying to have the power to cause others to kill themselves.

Margaret, who went to the Town because her father was taking up a one year fill in as the Boss, was able to survive, because she saw everything in the town as meaningless.

The people, the places, it was all a diversion from real life, so nothing could really effect her.  All she needed to do was score high on exams so as to gain entry to a 1st rate college.

There was no need to be ‘social’, and so she remained inside of an ‘impenetrable’ capsule, where she kept herself distant.

She learned, that in classes where there were no assigned or permanent seats to wait until everyone else sat before she took a seat.   She learned how to hide during passing so that there were no hallway confrontations.

She learned to avoid the cafeteria and to escape school as the bell rang, leaving via a rarely used exit.

She went to school to read her book and read her book.   She didn’t need a social life or diversions.   She would; Monday to Friday, focus on her books, and Saturday and Sunday, live.  She would live during vacations and holidays.

As she was able to do this, she survived without any particular impediment.


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