Surviving Adultery – 15

Keep the story of Roberta and Elliot in the front of your mind.   

Here is a woman who wanted to get rid of her husband. Aware of how he would react if he thought she was unfaithful, told him she was having an affair with his Boss.

This was a total lie.  

She had picked his boss because she knew Elliot hated the man.

If Elliot had sat and thought, even for a few seconds, he might have a doubt, but as all persons caught unaware, he jumped off the deep end.

This will happen to you.

Hence, even where there is clear evidence, if there is anyway you can hang on to the situation previous the revelation, do so.

Do so until you can think logically.  

Do so until you can create a life without the Other, or so shove the Other into a corner than there can be no effect on your life.


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