Special Ops Wife – 36

Shirley married a handsome guy and never thought about PTSD, about being alone, about anything a sensible woman would have.

Shirley had a baby because she wanted to, knowing full well her childless sister would be more than blessed to take him up as her own.

Shirley seemed strong and focused because only her body was there.

She had no idea what she wanted to do, be, become, she was just enjoying her easy job, her sojourn in a guest house, and able to limit her visits to see her son, and to visit her injured husband.

She felt she was waiting for a bus.  Comfortable, unhurried, enjoying the ‘down time’  waiting.

Not that she looked for a prince to sweep her up or to win the lottery, no.  She was just in a period of beige.

A period in not wanting anything and being mostly content when she was alone, able to manage encounters with her husband and her child on her terms.


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Written by jaylar

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