Special Ops Wife – 27

Olive and her husband had gone to a lakeside motel for a week.  They had left  early in the morning, reached the venue, booked in at noon.

They tried to enjoy their vacation, but could not.  They felt as if they had abandoned their baby.   Of course Zac wasn’t their biological child;  he was the son of Olive’s sister and her husband Glen.  But they had raised him.  

Zac had spent most of his life with Olive and Zander.  When Glen was deployed, and Shirley at work, they were there.  They had been there…until…

Until Glen comes home and wants to be the father.

So Olive and Zander left the city for this vacation.  It was not relaxing, probably, on one hand a bad idea.  Yet, necessary in a way for their own sanity.


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Written by jaylar

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