Special Ops Wife – 24

Shirley worked in one city and ‘lived’ in another.  She had been born, raised, worked and married in that city.  Her son Zachery had been born there. 

When Shirley wanted to return to work, the only position open was in another city, two hours by bus, away.   She ‘lived’ in her ‘Work City’ (as she called it) for part of the week, then went to her Home City (as she called it) for the other days.

She loved being in Work City.  She left her son with her sister and with her husband, Glen, often deployed, she was on her own.  

She lived two separate lives.

When Glen returned from his last deployment, more than a bit troubled and unable to deal with a crying baby she took him with her to the Work City where she stayed at a Guest House.  

Shirley wouldn’t have minded in spending the entire time alone with Glen until his next deployment, but he wanted to bond with his son.

So she had, with more than some disquiet, left him in Home City, alone with Zac.


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