Special Ops Wife – 20

In the morning Shirley and Glen went to the zoo where she worked.  He told her he’d catch up, and went off.   She gave a glance, then went to the office, kind of happy that he wouldn’t ‘ruin’ her fiction of being unmarried, unattached.

During her first tour he showed up, standing in the back.

She continued on, and when she looked, didn’t see him. On completion she went to the office, he wasn’t there.

She didn’t know where he was, and ate her lunch and spoke to her co-workers.

In the afternoon, she didn’t see him at all.  

When she was leaving she did a bit of a search but gave up and went to the Guest House.

He was there, enjoying a few drinks.

She made no mention of his disappearance or drinking, and they went to dinner.  He was a bit drunk but nothing too crazy.


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Written by jaylar

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