Special Ops Wife – 19

When they boarded the bus Glen seemed a kid going on an adventure. As they travelled each minute he became more like the man she married.

Shirley had thought, in one part of her mind, that he’d suffer a kind of anxiety going to where he’d never been.   Then realised, for him, going to new places was standard.

Shirley learned a great deal about Glen during the trip.

At the Guest House,  he found it easy, comfortable, as if it were a familiar place.   She supposed that a room with separate beds was more like the kind he would occupy,  so it felt more ‘normal’  than a large double bed.

She watched him  ‘stow his gear’ and they went out.  Being with Glen now, it felt as it did during the honeymoon.

That evening reminded Shirley why she married him, why she had loved him.  

She gave herself to the moment, putting the doubts into a corner.  


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Written by jaylar

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