Special Ops Wife – 11

Amazingly, this was one of the happiest times of Shirley’s life.  

She would awake at a guest house, bathe, dress, get her breakfast, then go to work. She’d do her first tour, then,  get her lunch.  She’d relax, eat with her coworkers or visitors to the Zoo.

In the afternoon, she’d do another tour, then leave.  She could do whatever she wanted,  eat what she wanted.

When she reached the Guest House,  her room had been cleaned, towels replaced,  sheets changed.  She could watch television or go to bed.

On her two days off, she’d travel back to her ‘home’ town, where her flat would have been scoured by her sister.  Shirley would play Mommy for a while, letting her sister do much of the work.

Then she’d return to her new city.

Glen phoned once.  She told him about her transfer and he whined about Zachery. Shirley told him not to worry, everything was under control.

As the third month neared an end she knew Glen would be back, if he wasn’t killed, and made sure Olive and Zander were prepared.   For Glen did not want them in his son’s life. 


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Written by jaylar

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