Soap Opera – 8

Paula had enjoyed her limited work.   Her character in the Soap Opera was mostly environment, so she only came to the studio one day a week.   

She didn’t mind.   She stayed with her son, they went so many places.   Paula had no ambition to be an actress.  She was just on a Soap Opera.   It was very little acting because her character of ‘Freddie’ was Paula in a different set of circumstances.

After three years it was felt Freddie should marry again.  They brought in a new character, ‘Sylvester’, who became her new love interest.

Steve, her son,  (and on the show as her son by her first marriage),  also got some air time.

The fans liked seeing Steve and the banter between Freddie and her new love, Syl.

It was another highly rated marriage, and seemed to be working.  But the actor who played Sylvester was offered a role on a sit com and wanted to leave.

They decided that Freddie would have another trauma in her life.   Sylvester was killed in a dramatic way, which shocked the viewers.  Freddie could repeat the hysteria that was so well received by the audience after her first widowhood.

After this emotional tsunami, Freddie and her son went away for a month.  

This meant Paula and her son had a month off. Her husband, who was a cameraman, took his accrued vacation plus extra, and they went off on an excursion.


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