Soap Opera – 7

After a few months it was decided that Freddie would become pregnant.

Paula reflected on how it had felt so played the role on camera as she had in life, with the same back pains, nausea, strange cravings.

Eventually Freddie had her baby.  They decided to name the baby Steve, the name of Paula’s actual son.  He would do a bit of cameos from a distance due to the difference in age between Freddie’s Steve and Paula’s.

After a few months the actor who played Freddie’s husband wanted to leave the show.   The producers decided to kill off the character and make a big drama out of it.

Ratings soared for this huge melodramatic story.   Paula got more screen time then ever, crying her heart out.

Then, new plots and new characters were brought in, and Freddie became more environment than character.

Paula didn’t mind.  She had no ambition to be a Movie Star, didn’t even consider herself an actress.   She spent time with her son,  living her life,  very little stress. 


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