Smart Man – 49

Kushi  needed to get away from Paul. 

She had stayed with him to get her citizenship, now had to insure her mother and brother were legal.  She couldn’t leave Paul, yet, but she had to spend time away from him.

 She decided to get a job.  This would have two purposes give her time away from her repulsive husband and allow her to stock pile her own money.   

She needed to have as much as possible to make sure she didn’t need Paul in her life, nor would their daughter.

Kushi had Paul help her get a job,  and worked as much as she could.  Her mother  looked after her daughter, meaning Kushi could stay as late as she wanted.

Finally,  Kushi’s  mother and brother  obtained legal status.   They also obtained  real jobs.

Speaking Hindi, a language Paul would never learn,  Kushi, her mother and brother decided to get their own house.   

When Paul and Kushi divorced  the house they owned would be divided.  Kushi would only get half of the house.  She could sell her half, or buy Paul’s half.

The important point was that if Kushi and her family had their own house, then leaving Paul would be that much easier, quicker.

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