Smart Man – 47

Kushi had been a bit afraid when Paul’s father called.   If he came to visit if was more than likely he would see through her, expose her tricks and her family.

Although she knew her husband was a stupid man, his behaviour shocked her.

How could anyone speak to,  or of,  their own father  like that?

When his mother called, Kushi nearly stopped breathing; but Paul hung up on her. Hung up on his own mother!.

As far as she and her family decided, Kushi’s using of Paul was deserved.    He was an evil man who had bad Karma.

They would have to cleanse Priya, to remove any trace of Paul from her.  Kushi knew when she divorced Paul she’d have a long process of cleansing to go through and had to limit, if not prevent his visits.

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Written by jaylar

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