Seeing Clearly – 7

Nina had spent over a year apart from her children.  Now that she was financially stable, capable, she felt it was time to make a connection.

She   contacted Sam not expecting much, but surprisingly he brought the children to see her.  

Nina had no definite program, but wanted her children to live with her, at least for part of the year.  She didn’t mention this to her husband, Jacob, because she had a feeling that it might not happen.

Just a strange feeling that things were not going to work out.   To avoid  confusion, she arranged to meet Sam and the children at a fast food joint without Jacob present.

Nina was happy to see her sons, she ran to embrace them, but they stiffened, pushing her away.  They twisted with anger,  and were cold and distant.  

Although a bit shattered, Nina kept trying to forge a link and they kept turning away from her asking Sam to take them back to Grandma.

Sam stood as statue as if waiting for Nina to beg more time with them. But she didn’t.  So he took them away with him.

Nina was almost relieved to see them go.

 She went over it and over again, but there was something about her children … something ‘dead’ inside of them.


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Written by jaylar

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