Seeing Clearly – 6

As an anthropology student, Nina had been trained to observe.  

Trained not to interfere, simply to watch and deduce and consider, and write down her findings.

She behaved as if this was not her personal life, but a study.

Having done well in her exams Nina was selected for a special anthropological study that would  last four months.    It would be in another country.  This study would not only help her career, not only give her experience, it  would solve her financial problems. She would be flown to the site, housed, fed, and paid.

She went off on the journey focusing on nothing but the study.  Not on Sam, not on the children, not on her divorce, just her study.

Within days she felt as she had before she met Sam, before she married, before everything.  She was ten years younger.

On  her return she was chosen for another such study.  With no husband, no children, no obligations, Nina accepted and went off for six months.  

She met someone on the study.  They fell in love, married quietly.  When they returned from abroad she gained a position at the University where he taught.

After a few months she decided it was time for her to see her children.


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