Seeing Clearly – 3

Nina had no money.  She was currently living no where.  It made no sense for her to fight the divorce and  ask for custody.  

Further,  where  her campus was, where his mother was, and no doubt where Sam was, were hundreds of miles  apart. How could she travel that distance? Hitchhike?

Nina  was not ruled by emotions.  She was logical, and realised that until such time she was on her feet, there was no sense fighting a battle she had to lose.The agreement she had made with Sam was that she would complete her degree and he would get a good job.  Once she had her degree, she would get a job,  and when both were able to  manage, they would work out the arrangemtnes and he would go for the divorce.

This was the agreement.Obviously, Sam’s word was worthless.

Examining the situation from all angles, the logical answer to the quandary was that she complete her degree and postpone all other decisions.   That for the time being she focused on herself and let Sam do whatever he wanted.  When she was able, she’d step up.

Nina believed that in under three years she could make sense out of it all.


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Written by jaylar

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