Seeing Clearly – 18 (end)

Sam had not wanted Nina to be able to contact their children without going through him.   He put himself into some discomfort having to leave his new wife to take his sons to visit his Ex.

The only joy or success Sam could gain  was that they didn’t want to be with Nina. But they didn’t want to be with him either.

He went over and over the early years and didn’t see anything he or, to be honest, Nina had done to make the boys hate them.

Now, speaking to Nina he began to see that he was part of a manipulation by his sons.  

Now that  the ‘boys’ were adults, Sam was able to accept the exclusion.  This is because Nina clearly mapped the game they played.

He owed Nina his ability to accept the fact that his sons wanted no part of him.

Sam could walk away without blaming himself, which oddly was all he needed.

No longer would Sam castigate himself now that he was seeing clearly.


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Written by jaylar

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