Seeing Clearly – 17

Sam and Nina had agreed that during their difficulties their sons would live with his Mother.  As his mother lived a distance away,  Nina did not know when Sam had taken the boys from his mother.

Sam had gone behind Nina’s back, as if to ‘fix’ her, but he only fixed himself.

He had wanted to fill the lives of his sons, make them want to live with him, not Nina.  But they wanted to live with their Grandmother.

Although Sam could offer them more than his mother could, they insisted on going to her at every opportunity.

At this time, Sam had married Connie. He had introduced his sons to her, they behaved as if they hated her. As Sam  didn’t want a wife vs step children,   especially in these early stages of his marriage he returned the boys to his mother.

He visited often, and took  them on certain weekends and holidays.

No matter what he did, where he took them or gave them,  they wanted to be with his mother.


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Written by jaylar

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