Seeing Clearly – 14

Nina was not as distressed as Sam.  In fact, in a very true way she saw their breakup, saw his taking their sons and filing for divorce, as the greatest opportunity of her life.

Without a husband, without children, she was free to make decisions based on her own desires.

She had taken that first study overseas as a life line she would not have grabbed were she still married and a mother.

She had taken the second with great excitement and joy, and happily met a man she could love.

By Sam’s deception,  she had gotten a life, a real full complete life with all the benefits.

She lived stress free and happy.

When Sam  had made that first pathetic email she knew he expected her to retaliate with anger.   She knew he was sorry and regretful, offering himself for her anger.   But Nina was angry.  She was thankful.

Thankful to have escaped him, to have escaped the twisted minds of their children.


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Written by jaylar

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