Secret Cyber Life – 7

If it wasn’t for the Internet, for my friendship with Worf, I couldn’t have lasted three days in that office.

It was my friendship with  Worf,  who I only contacted during my work day,  which kept me sane.

I never mix real life with cyberspace.

 I always invent an avatar replete with her own email address. I never use my own photograph or anything to connect that user to this woman who is sitting at this computer waiting for Annoying Boss to crawl out of his office.

What Worf knew of me is that I lived in ‘the country’ and had twenty dogs.  That I spent my days writing articles for online publications.

What I knew of Worf was that he lived in the ‘city’ and did research for some major corporation.

Hence both of us had cogent reasons why we were online during the working day and off for the rest of the time.


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Written by Tall Awah

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