Secret Cyber Life -5

In Real Life I had one of those jobs.

Let me be more specific, I worked for a Boss from Hell who made the job as close to torture as possible.

In the morning, I’d arrive and before he emerged from his lair,  I’d  turn on the computer, bring up a document I’d drafted the day before as a beard.

Then,  I’d connect to the ‘Net,  be happily posting, answering email, playing games, and at some point the BFH would appear.   As he did, I brought up the document. 

He seemed to need to sit beside me and go over the document I’d drafted, word by word, making changes.

He had a repulsive odor and his breath smelled like a pit toilet.

After I experienced the nasal torture and he had done his word by word crawl of the documents, he’d tell me to ‘print’  and go find another victim.

Some days Boss’d be too busy to get back to me. I’d stay on the ‘Net talking to Worf enjoying what I could, then go home to my husband and kids and Jerry.


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Written by Tall Awah

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