Scamming the Scammers – 3

Priya decided to deduct 1/3rd of her rent for the loss of that space, and paid 2/3rd of what had been her agreed rental.

Joan paid nothing.  

Joan was aware that Priya say through her.  That Priya saw what she was doing and might make a situaton.

Priya said she would find a place and move out.

Ian was not comfortable with Joan’s attitude.   Priya was the only rent paying tenant, and he was living off the money.  Joan became less hostile.

Priya knew exactly what Ian was and the Scam Joan was running.   The moment she moved out, Joan would capture her room and control the entire flat.

Joan paid no rent.  She waited for Tereca to act.    When Tereca did, Joan said she didn’t have any money now.

The house was full of insects, the septic tank needed cleaning, airconditioners, didn’t work.

If Teresa complained in Ian’s hearing he would defend Joan in a weak style.


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Written by jaylar

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