Scamming the Scammer -8

Joan knew what she was doing, knew how to play Theresa. She had, to some extent, counted on Ian’s backing, but didn’t get it.  

With Priya gone,  Joan continued to occupy the entire premises. Then Theresa served her with a Notice to Quit.

Joan went to Court to describe how she had tried to pay rent, how Theresa had refused to take it, and how one day, when she was out, Theresa came in and smashed her property.

The Court ordered mediation.

Joan continued to live free, paying the minimum of the water and electricity bills to prevent lock off.

When the Bills reached a particular level,  and the Court case became annoying, Joan prepared to leave.

She began moving her stuff one night, unknown to Theresa.  The next day passed with no note that a third of her junk was gone.

The next night, another porton of her junk, that stuff which blocked the path was gone.

Early the next morning, another truck came and Joan, like Priya, left Theresa’s house without a word.

Unlike Priya, Joan had lived one year Rent Free.


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Written by jaylar

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