Scamming the Scammer – 6

Due to Theresa’s mental state, (well known to Joan) Theresa couldn’t deal with the dissension and became a shell, wandering around her section as if lost.

When Ian came home, (having been out most of the day) Theresa spoke to him.   Acting as if he wasn’t interested, he muttered that after all that Joan had been through she hadn’t yet got herself sorted, she should be given some time.

Later that evening Theresa came to talk to Joan in a friendly manner as if nothing happened.

The Next day, the fight began again.  

Joan shouted and screamed and slammed doors, and Priya came to see what was happening.  Joan, with an unlit spliff hanging from her mouth, shouted and cursed about ‘her boss’ needing to see the bills before paying them.

Priya had no idea what Joan was talking about.

As Joan didn’t work anywhere, as she sat on the veranda all day and night doing nothing but smoking ganja and watching cartoons, Priya didn’t know why the lie was being packaged for her benefit.

All Priya wanted to do was move away and erase these people from her mind.


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Written by jaylar

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