Scamming the Scammer – 15

Theresa, having the house as a lure,  got her victims. Being mentally ill she couldn’t balance keeping them with torturing, so would wind up alone.

She had enjoyed owning Ian until he left.

Joan had been her greatest defeat, until she left.

Priya ought have been prized for she had always paid her rent on time, but wasn’t.  So she left.

Ann had no money.  She lived out of Gavin’s pocket. When the rent came and Gavin didn’t pay it, it was Ann who got Theresa’s attack.  Gavin didn’t come out of the bedroom.

He didn’t listen to Ann’s hysteria after Theresa used her for a kicking stone.  She could rant and rave and howl, Gavin ignored her.

He let the performances continue for two weeks,then packed,  told Ann he was leaving, going home to Mother.

He left Ann behind as so much rubbish.  And Ann had nowhere to go.


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Written by jaylar

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