Salt Shaker – 9

Ethan was confused by Shauna’s behaviour.   Not two weeks ago the way she barked at him he could have been a burglar.  


Well, maybe she was really distressed about her grandmother.  He’d give her a chance.

He stopped for a moment, and into his phone said;   “I’m walking to the Hangout…”  

“I’ll meet you there…”  she replied.

He enter the hangout,  met his friends, and shortly Shauna was there,  looking gorgeous.

“Ready for our walk?”  she said with a smile which lit the room.

“Yeah!”  he replied.  

Ethan rose, walked out with Shauna.   They began walking down the road and she began speaking about one of those easy topics.

He didn’t mention the grandmother thing, she didn’t mention his walking out on her earlier that day.

After about ten minutes they stopped to look at the stars.  There was a meteorite and she exclaimed happily and he kissed her.


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Written by jaylar

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