Salt Shaker – 8

At the hang out, keeping it easy, Ethan and Shauna tossed a few words.  Then he slid off the stool,  said; “Cool”,   and left.

The Hangout was  shaped so that you couldn’t see the street door from where he’d been sitting.

 Although it was a little sneaky and out of character, Ethan felt just walking away from Shauna as he did showed her he wasn’t  her puppy.  He wasn’t her ‘salt shaker’.

He reached home, his phone rang.  It was Shauna.  He thought of answering but didn’t.

He got in, showered, changed, ate his dinner, then went out to meet his mates at the hang out.  

Shauna called again and he answered as he walked.


“Where are you?”  she asked.


“Walking where?”

“Why, you want to walk?” he tossed.

“With you, yes.” she replied.


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Written by jaylar

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