Salt Shaker – 7

Ethan got through the weekend.   He played basketball with friends, went to the hang out.    School was Monday. He didn’t see Shauna nor look for her.  If she was there, he was oblivious.

He had his friends, there were other girls.  It wasn’t as if he were shunned or lonely;  it was that Ethan really liked Shauna more than  he liked anyone.  

The week went by then the weekend.  Usual sports and movies and friends.    

On Monday, sitting in the hangout, talking  with his friends  he heard; “Hi Stranger!”  and turned to see Shauna.

She looked great, acted as if nothing had happened.  

Ethan was balanced between asking about the events of the previous week or going on as if nothing had happened.

He decided to go on as if nothing had happened.


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Written by jaylar

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