Salt Shaker – 3

From that first encounter, Shauna and Ethan ‘hung out’.   Wasn’t dating, it was meeting up after school at this place or that one in the presence of a group.  

Ethan figured if she got to know him she  would like him so asking her out would be no problem.

He was right.

A little over a week after the first meeting Ethan asked her to a movie, she said yes, they went, it was great.  He walked her home, and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips before going into her house.

Ethan was triumphant.

Corrie had always told him that no one likes to be rushed, hard sold or pressured.   She didn’t have to convince him, they experienced it.

They had once gone to buy something.  As they reached the shop a clerk swooped down,  trying to sell  them what they had come to buy.

They were so freaked by his pressure, assumed something was wrong with the product they left without buying.

On the way home Corrie said;  

“If he had asked us what we wanted, showed it to us, kept quiet, we’d have bought it.”

Which was true.

That kind of step forward and push became exactly what they wouldn’t do.


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Written by jaylar

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