Salt Shaker – 27

Ethan listened to Corrie.  It was obvious she was right.  He was no more than a salt shaker or a Holo Deck program in  Shauna’s life.  He was there only when Shauna wanted him to be

It had never happened to him before, he never imagined anything like it.  But Corrie’s analogy rang so true.

Eventually he said;

“I should never have let Shauna back into my life.  The first time she slammed the door should have been it…But. Okay, we had some good times, but I am tired of being a salt shaker.  I want a woman who is there for me.”

“You’ll know when you meet her.” Corrie said,  “She’ll let you into her heart.   You and she will be a team, will be truly together.  It will be real, not just a hook up or a hang around. Or a salt shaker.”

They smiled, and it was then he saw Lynn walk in with her friends.

“Maybe I have…” he said softly then called to Lynn to join them.


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Written by jaylar

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