Salt Shaker – 26

When Ethan got home he called his step sister Corrie.   They met at the hang out.

Ethan went through his relationship with Shauna in a clinical way.  He repeated the Grandmother death thing, the secret going away for Spring Break, the Prom tantrum, and this current whatever.

“You watched Star Trek;”  Corrie said with a smile, for they had watched it together, “So here’s the Holo Deck.  We are taking a break from out lives and going to have this fantasy.”

She sipped her drink.

” So I say;  “Computer, create a man with these specifications who is falling in love with me.”

They smiled, remembering the episodes where the ‘action’ happened on the Holo Deck.

“When I have to get back to work, I say;  “Computer, save program, Exit.”

And looking into Ethan’s eyes;  “You are a Holo Deck character that Shauna invented.”


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Written by jaylar

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