Salt Shaker -25

As Shauna yanked over the door, Ethan had a flash back of last year when her Grandmother died.   He had come to her house,  and she’d  ordered him to go away.

Now, a year later, in what he thought was  a deeper relationship, Shauna opened the door the same way and said;

“Listen, I can’t talk to you…” then attempted to shut the door.

Ethan, prepared,  caught the door held it,  “Do you want me to go away?” he asked in a clear sharp voice.

“Yes!”  she snapped as a pit bull.

“Okay,”  he replied, and backed away.

As Ethan walked home he remembered what Corrie had told him last year.  Remember  how he was a decoration in Shauna’s life,  no, a salt shaker.

Corrie was right.  He was a ‘salt shaker’.


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Written by jaylar

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