Salt Shaker – 23

Ethan and Shauna spent as much time together during the summer as they were able.   They were known as a couple.

They would  attend the same college, Ethan getting a full scholarship and Shauna a partial.

The college was not that far from the town in which they lived but they both decided to do the dorm thing, planning, at some point, to move in together.

They didn’t take the same classes, so had breaks from each other where they could make new friends, learn new things.

Ethan shared everything with Shauna. But Shauna was not as open.   Ethan didn’t realise it as he did much of the talking.   However, he did a lot of study so as not to waste the opportunities so didn’t see Shauna every moment.There relationship seems alright, although there were some jiggles but in general, things were fine between them as they went home for Christmas Break.  


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Written by jaylar

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