Salt Shaker – 21

Late in the Afternoon Ethan met the crew  at the Hang Out.  Everyone was in great spirits.  A few classmates who had gone to the Prom marked it a boring dud.

They spoke about girls dressed like it was 1950 and boys looking as if they’d just come from a funeral.

The Pool Prom folks bragged about the delicious barbecue they had, the fun in the pool, considering how hot it was last night.

No one regretted boycotting the Prom.  Ethan felt his decision was confirmed.  

Why leave the fun he was having with his friends to make himself uncomfortable to please a girl who did very little to please him.  Very little to be civil.

The way she barked at him when her grandmother died, the way she went off with her parents and never even tried to get in touch with him… and when she returned, not even a word about it….

And now her virtual demand he take her to the Prom….

Yes, Ethan wanted Shauna with him but not at the price of his identity.


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Written by jaylar

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