Salt Shaker – 20

The next day,  as Ethan woke, he thought of calling Shauna, but didn’t.  Figured he’d let her make her move.  If she would.  

As he lay on his bed, he went over the events leading up to the Pool Prom carefully.

He and his crew decided not to go to the Prom.  Not to do the dress up and formal crap but celebrate graduating High School with a crazy kiddie kind of pool party.   Sort of a good bye childhood thing.

They’d been talking about not going before even entering Senior year. Spoke about it as school began and after back and forths agreed on the Pool Prom  from January.

Everyone in Ethan’s circle  wasn’t going to the Prom.  New members learned it as Shauna had.

For Shauna to come to the Poolprom and  think she could snap her fingers and demand he come out of the water, go home, find a suit and a tie and take her to a place he had no intention of going….no.

Although he had a few random regrets that he hadn’t been with her last night…IF she even went to the prom, he felt better about himself for not going.


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Written by jaylar

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